Porto Heli beaches

Where to swim

Porto Heli beach
You will enjoy the calm relatively shallow sea at the small beach of Porto Heli proper. The town is built around a beautiful, natural harbor which gives it a distinct island feeling. Access is on foot and it is a well-organized beach with umbrellas, deck chairs and cafes. Water sports are available for those that like a little excitement. The picturesque view includes a myriad of fishing boats, motor boats and sailboats. Boat owners have the opportunity to anchor at the leeward side of the harbour and explore the surrounding beaches if they don’t want to sail to each of them. Road travelers can explore the region with leisurely drives admiring the many isolated coves and really beautiful beaches with very inviting waters.

Ververonda beach
It is located 3 km northwest of the small town, where the bay of Ververonta begins. Access is by your own means of transport. You will be rewarded with a pebble beach and an exquisite lapping sound only pebbles offer and crystal clear waters. The beach is one of the largest in the area and pine trees shade the rear of the beach. It is also an organized beach with umbrellas, café-bars, restaurants and beach parking.

Chinitsa beach
Τhe beach of Chinitsa is located between Costa and Porto Heli. This beautiful small beach with shady pine trees behind it, is sandy with a blond colored sand and crystalline clear waters all adding to the wonderful views of the islet of Chinitsa. Access here is only by your own means of transport, but the infrastructure is really good since it an organized beach with umbrellas, tennis courts, mini-soccer courts and a variety of water sports. Naturally, it also has café-bars and tavernas.

Kosta beach
The kosta beach is just about 5 km from Porto Heli, this picturesque settlement is also the passage on to the island of Spetses and is a wealthy enclave with large villas. The distance to Spetses is covered in 5 minutes by sea taxi and a leisurely 20 minutes via traditional boats. Sea taxis leave immediately and usually run 24 hours a day while the older boats only till late at night. The beach is distinguished by its shallow, crystal clear waters and its beautiful sandy beach. It is ideal for children, so you will probably come across many young families. Access is only via your own means of transportation.

Its infrastructure includes fully equipped facilities as well as water sports, umbrellas, beach volley, taverns, restaurants and cafes.

The beach of Korakia is located at the edge of the dense pine forest of Korakia, northwest of Porto Heli.
It is a double beach, with thick pebbles and sand sporting a stunning view due to the unique landscape, truly among the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Access is only via your own means of transport and it is a bit difficult due to the dirt road via which you can reach it, but the landscape and tranquility it offers will compensate you richly.

Infrastructure is basically nonexistent so you will have to take along what you think you will need, especially water and sunblock.

You can to gather shells at the islet of Korakia opposite by just walking across to it. A Byzantine era shipwreck has been discovered nearby.

Kyparisia beach
The Kyparisia beach (cypress beach) is located to the northwest of Portokelion.
It is a very beautiful pebbles beach with turquoise waters which is accessed only by your own transport and since it is so far removed from infrastructure and facilities it is best to take along what you think you will need, especially water and sunblock.

Limanakia beach (Coves beach) is located to the southeast of Porto Heli, in the broader area of Agios Emilianos.

The beach includes two scenic coves, one with a pebbly beach and a sandy bed, ideal for small children, while the nearby cove has a rich blond sand and deeper waters, in shades of turquoise. Access is once more with your own means of transport but infrastructure is quite good. At Limanakia beach you can do water skiing, slalom, paragliding, windsurfing, sailing, diving and jet skiing. There are also open tennis courts close to the beach.

Chrisi akti
The location of Chrisi akti (Golden beach) is at the settlement of Agios Emilianos, with its homonymous picturesque chapel, directly opposite Spetses. The beach type is sandy with clear blue waters. Access is via your own means of transport and you will have to carry everything you may need with you since infrastructure is lacking.

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